What are the Cicis Pizza buffet prices for kids?

Menu items and prices at Cici's Pizza vary by location and are updated frequently.

In the bustling world of pizzerias, Cici’s stands out as a beacon of delicious, wallet-friendly fun. This pizza wonderland, with its mouth-watering buffet of unlimited pizza slices, pasta, salads, and desserts, is a hit amongst all ages. But for kids, it’s a veritable utopia, the magic of unlimited pizza coupled with an unbeatable price, making it a popular choice for families.

As of the moment of writing, the general price range for kids aged 10 and under at Cici’s Pizza Buffet is around $0.99 to $5.99. This pricing strategy is designed with families in mind, offering an affordable dining experience that’s perfect for a spontaneous family night out, a celebration, or simply when the craving for a good slice of pizza strikes. Please note, prices can vary based on location and can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Cici’s for the most accurate information.

With their all-you-can-eat buffet, children can explore a culinary journey that extends beyond just pizza. They have the freedom to select from an array of pasta dishes, crunchy salads, and soul-satisfying desserts, all within the price of a kids’ buffet. And let’s not forget the soup of the day, a warm and comforting addition to the buffet that’s a big hit, especially during the colder months.

Below, you’ll find the current prices for kid’s menu for the Cici’s Pizza.


All You Can Eat

Pizza | Pasta | Salad | Dessert

Kid’s Combo Includes Kid’s Drink (kids 4-10 years old only)$5.99/child
Kid’s Combo Includes Kid’s Drink (kids 3 and under)$0.99/child


Kid’s (12 oz.) (kids 11 and up)$1.49

Wings (Traditional & Boneless Wings)

Hot Buffalo | Mild Buffalo | Garlic Parmesan | Honey BBQ | Lemon Pepper | Naked

5 Wings$7.99
10 Wings$13.99
20 Wings$26.99

How’s the Hype? A Look at Cici’s Reputation

Reputation is the backbone of any establishment’s success, and Cici’s is no exception. What sets Cici’s apart is its unique approach to the conventional dining experience. The blend of unlimited food and kid-friendly pricing ensures that families keep coming back, not just for the flavorsome food, but for the overall experience.

Critics and customers have lauded the consistency in the quality of their food. Their buffet, despite being generously unlimited, never compromises on taste. Kids, notoriously picky eaters, are spoilt for choice and are often seen leaving with full bellies and happy faces.

The efficient and friendly service at Cici’s is another feather in its cap. The staff is known for their accommodating nature, making sure each visit is smooth and enjoyable. This, combined with the clean, vibrant environment and the joy of watching their favorite pizzas being made right in front of them, makes Cici’s a winner in the eyes of children and parents alike.

Popularity: Why Do Families Flock to Cici’s?

Now, onto the big question: what makes Cici’s so popular, particularly among families with children? The answer is multifaceted and all boils down to the unique dining experience offered by Cici’s.

First, their affordability sets them apart in the competitive fast-food landscape. The budget-friendly buffet pricing makes it possible for families to enjoy a dining experience without worrying about the bill.

Second, the variety of food. The expansive buffet ensures that even the choosiest eaters find something to their liking. With a wide variety of pizzas, from classics like Pepperoni and Cheese to unique concoctions such as the Mac & Cheese pizza, the selection caters to diverse taste buds.

Finally, it’s the environment. Cici’s outlets are designed to be family-friendly spaces. The open kitchen allows kids to watch as their pizza fantasies are brought to life, adding an element of excitement to their dining experience.

In conclusion, Cici’s Pizza Buffet offers an unmatched blend of affordability, variety, and a fun dining atmosphere that appeals to kids and adults alike. It’s not just about the buffet prices for kids or the unlimited pizza; it’s about creating unforgettable family memories around the dining table, one slice at a time. So, if you haven’t yet, grab your young pizza lovers and head over to your nearest Cici’s – your next family adventure awaits!

To learn more information about Cici’s Pizza, you can visit their official website.

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