How much is the Cici’s Pizza buffet during lunch hours?

Menu items and prices at Cici's Pizza vary by location and are updated frequently.

Get ready, dear reader, to embark on a pizza adventure, as we delve into the world of Cici’s Pizza. It’s a place where cheese stretches to the moon and the assortment of toppings is vast and varied enough to spark anyone’s culinary curiosity. Particularly, we’ll focus on the lunch hour buffet, a spectacle of taste and value that has cemented Cici’s reputation in the hearts (and stomachs) of many.

Below, you’ll find the current prices for buffet lunch menu for the Cici’s Pizza.


All You Can Eat

Pizza | Pasta | Salad | Dessert

Kid’s Combo Includes Kid’s Drink (kids 4-10 years old only)$5.99/child
Kid’s Combo Includes Kid’s Drink (kids 3 and under)$0.99/child


Regular (18 oz.)$1.99
Large (30 oz.)$2.49
Kid’s (12 oz.)$1.49

Wings (Traditional & Boneless Wings)

Hot Buffalo | Mild Buffalo | Garlic Parmesan | Honey BBQ | Lemon Pepper | Naked

5 Wings$7.99
10 Wings$13.99
20 Wings$26.99

A Glimpse into the Wallet: Cici’s Lunch Buffet Cost

Are you curious about the cost of this feast, where pizza flows like rivers of molten cheese and pepperoni? Well, don’t worry. Your taste buds won’t have to file for bankruptcy. While prices can vary slightly depending on your location, the lunchtime buffet at Cici’s typically hovers around $8.99. Remember, this cost doesn’t just cover a single slice of pizza, but an all-you-can-eat extravaganza that leaves no craving unfulfilled.

And let’s not forget the toppings! From savory sausage to delectable mushrooms, sizzling onions to ripe olives. The buffet is a tableau of possibility, beckoning your taste buds to explore the flavorful terrain. Indeed, the cost of the buffet seems paltry when we consider the bounty it offers.

Cici’s Reputation: More than Just a Pizza Place

While our discussion of cost provides a clear indication of the value offered by Cici’s, it’s important to highlight that they’ve carved out a place in the pizza world based on more than affordability.

First and foremost, Cici’s is recognized for their generosity in serving size. An order isn’t merely a single dish, but a culinary journey where the next pizza slice might hold a different taste adventure. It’s an endless rotation of delightful pizzas, each one a testament to the skill and creativity of their chefs.

Secondly, they’ve honed a unique style that’s tough to replicate. The thin, crisp crust, the rich sauce, and the generous layer of cheese strike a balance that has helped define the Cici’s brand. In a market saturated with pizza joints, Cici’s has found a way to stand out.

But perhaps the most important aspect of Cici’s reputation is their unwavering commitment to quality. Whether it’s ensuring fresh ingredients for their buffet or maintaining a clean, inviting environment, Cici’s doesn’t cut corners. And it’s this dedication to quality that’s helped them win over the hearts of customers.

Popularity: Why Cici’s Pizza Buffet Is a Lunchtime Legend

With their buffet’s delicious array and reasonable pricing, it’s no surprise that Cici’s is a popular lunchtime destination. However, their popularity extends beyond these factors.

Cici’s has established a sense of community within their restaurants. It’s a place where families and friends gather over the shared love of pizza. Their buffet provides an inclusive dining experience where every diner can find their favorite toppings. For many, a trip to Cici’s isn’t just about grabbing a meal, but about participating in a communal experience.

Moreover, Cici’s understands the value of variety. The buffet doesn’t merely present the classic pizzas. It also brings to the table exciting and inventive options. The Alfredo pizza, the barbecue pizza, and the spinach pizza are just a few examples. Each visit to Cici’s can be an opportunity to try something new.

In conclusion, it’s the combination of affordability, quality, and community spirit that has catapulted Cici’s into the limelight. So, if you haven’t yet experienced the lunchtime spectacle that is the Cici’s pizza buffet, what are you waiting for? It’s about time to give your taste buds the treat they deserve!

To learn more information about Cici’s Pizza, you can visit their official website.