How much is Cici’s Pizza in Australia?

Menu items and prices at Cici's Pizza vary by location and are updated frequently.

CiCi’s Pizza, known for its delectable pizza varieties and scrumptious buffet-style meals, is a beloved culinary icon originating from Texas, United States. A pioneer of the “unlimited pizza” concept, CiCi’s allows patrons to indulge in an array of flavors, each packed with delicious toppings and gooey, molten cheese.

Below, you’ll find prices for Cici’s Pizza in Australia.



Crispy Wings$9.90
Cici’s Spicy Wings$9.90
New Yorker Pizza$11.90
Hawaiian Pizza$11.90
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza$15.90


Garlic Pizza Bread$9.90
Garlic Bread$4.50
Sweet Chilli Bread$9.90
Pesto Pizza Bread$9.90
Sweet Potato Fries$8.90
Onion Rings$6.90
Spiral Fries$9.90
Chicken Nuggets$6.90
Vegetarian Nuggets$6.90
Feiry Mexican Mozzerella$7.90
Vegetable Chip$9.90

Traditional Pizza

Real Aussie Pizza$11.90
Hawaiian Pizza (Traditional Pizza)$11.90
New Yorker Pizza (Traditional Pizza)$11.90
Margherita Pizza$11.90
Overload Pizza$11.90
Rustico Pizza$11.90
New Mexico Pizza$11.90
Vegetarian Pizza$11.90
Meat Classic Pizza$11.90
Londoner Pizza$11.90
Traditional Calzone$18.90

Gourmet Pizza

Chicken Hawaiian Pizza$15.90
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza (Gourmet Pizza)$15.90
Satay Chicken Pizza$15.90
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza$15.90
The Whitmore Pizza$15.90
Delhi Chicken Pizza$15.90
Gourmet Chicken Pizza$15.90
Chicken Avocado Pizza$15.90
Pollo Picante Pizza$15.90
Tex’n Pizza$15.90
Pesto Chicken Pizza$15.90
Moroccan Lamb Pizza$15.90
Beef Moschata Pizza$15.90
El Paso Pizza$15.90
Satay Beef Pizza$15.90
Real Madrid Pizza$15.90
The Greek Pizza$15.90
Roast Lamb Pizza$15.90
Roast Beef Pizza$15.90
Roman Beef Pizza$15.90
Spicy Odyssey Pizza$15.90
Gourmet Seafood Pizza$15.90
Chilli Prawn Pizza$15.90
Garlic Prawns Pizza$15.90
Oceania Pizza$15.90
Pesto Prawn Pizza$15.90
Mediterranean Pizza$15.90
Sicilian Pizza$15.90
Grilled Chicken and Prosciutto Pizza$15.90
El Queso Pizza$15.90
Meat Feast Pizza$15.90
Calabrese Pizza$15.90
Prosciutto Pizza$15.90
Lucci’s Special Pizza$15.90
Puttanesca Pizza$15.90
Garden Gourmet Pizza$15.90
Damascus Deluxe Pizza$15.90
Classic Vegetarian Pizza$15.90
Pesto Vegetarian Pizza$15.90
Ovo Vegetarian Pizza$15.90
Deluxe Vegetarian Pizza$15.90
Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza$15.90
Florentine Pizza$15.90


Fresh Garden Salad$9.90
Greek Salad$13.90
Caesar Salad$14.90
Mediterranean Salad$14.90
Lamb Salad$14.90
Pesto Chicken Salad$14.90
Tandoori Chicken Salad$14.90
Chef Salad$14.90
Grilled Vegetarian Salad$14.90
Squid Salad$15.90


Chicken Schnitzel$14.90
Chicken Parmigiana$16.90
Hawaiian Parmigiana$17.90
Mexican Parmigiana$17.90
Sicilian Chicken Parmigiana$17.90
Avocado Parmigiana$17.90
Seafood Parmigiana$17.90
Salt and Pepper Squid$18.90

Ribs and Wings

American BBQ Pork Ribs$18.90
Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs$18.90
BBQ Plum Pork Ribs$18.90
American BBQ Wings$9.90
Satay Wings$9.90
Tandoori Wings$9.90
Peri Peri Wings$9.90
Mexican Wings$9.90
Crispy Wings (Ribs and Wings)$9.90
Cici’s Spicy Wings (Ribs and Wings)$9.90

Gourmet Burgers

American Burger$10.90
The Cowboy Burger$10.90
Smokehouse Burger$10.90
Classic Beef Burger$10.90
Big British Burger$10.90
McArthur Burger$10.90
Hawaiian Beef Burger$10.90
Aioli Chicken Burger$10.90
Ranch Chicken Burger$10.90
Satay Chicken Burger$10.90
Peri Peri Chicken Burger$10.90
Tandoori Chicken Burger$10.90
Caesar Chicken Burger$10.90
BBQ Chicken Burger$10.90
The Shepherd Burger$10.90
Greek Burger$10.90
Euro Burger$10.90
Vego Burger$10.90


Bolognese Pasta$13.90
Alla Panna Pasta$15.90
Calbonara Pasta$15.90
Pollo Special Pasta$16.90
Chicken Puttanesca Pasta$16.90
Vegetarian Pasta$16.90
Marinara Pasta$17.90
Prawn Alfredo Pasta$17.90


Mediterranean Wrap$10.90
Tex’n Wrap$10.90
Yiros Wrap$10.90
Sweet Chilli Wrap$10.90
BBQ Beef Wrap$10.90
Caesar Wrap$10.90
Satay Wrap$10.90
Tandoori Wrap$10.90


Snickers Cannoli$4.95
Mars Bar Cheesecake$5.95
Lemon Cheesecake$5.95
Picnic Cheesecake$5.95
Triple Layered Chocolate Mousse Cake$5.95


Soft Drink$3.00

Single-Use Items


CiCi’s Pizza in Australia: Price and Popularity

Venturing into the Australian market, CiCi’s Pizza has garnered a significant following among the Aussie crowd. As they’ve done in their native US, CiCi’s here too presents a unique pizza experience that holds a charm of its own.

However, many readers might be asking, “How much is CiCi’s Pizza in Australia?” Well, price is an important factor, isn’t it? The cost of a visit to CiCi’s varies depending on your appetite. While CiCi’s operates primarily as a buffet in the US, the Australian branches also offer individual pizzas for those preferring a lighter meal. A regular-sized pizza with your choice of toppings typically ranges from $12 to $16. The all-you-can-eat buffet, a tempting proposition for the hungriest among us, is usually priced at around $20 per person. It’s important to note that prices can vary based on location and promotions, so it’s always a good idea to check the local CiCi’s website or give them a call before heading out.

Interestingly, the pizza chain’s move to Australia hasn’t been without its challenges. Pizza is a deeply cherished food in Australia, with local and international brands fighting for a slice of the market share. Despite this, CiCi’s Pizza has managed to make an impressive mark, largely due to its focus on customer satisfaction, variety, and an engaging dining experience.

Reputation and Popularity of CiCi’s Pizza in Australia

CiCi’s Pizza has built a robust reputation for delivering not just a meal, but an entire dining experience. Its model of allowing diners to feast on a range of pizzas for a single price is a novelty that has been welcomed by the Australian public.

The brand has managed to carve out a niche for itself by offering an extensive array of pizzas. From the traditional Margherita and Pepperoni to more creative combinations like Buffalo Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese, there’s a CiCi’s pizza for every palate. This diversity, coupled with the assurance of a consistent, quality meal at a reasonable price, has endeared CiCi’s to many Aussies.

CiCi’s reputation has also been boosted by positive customer reviews. Their diners often speak highly of the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and, of course, the delicious pizzas. It’s this level of customer satisfaction that has been integral to the growth of CiCi’s Pizza in Australia, cementing their popularity among a broad spectrum of pizza enthusiasts.

It’s fascinating to see how a concept born in Texas has found its way to the hearts of pizza lovers across the world. As CiCi’s Pizza continues its journey in Australia, we can only expect the brand to further enhance its offerings, responding to local tastes while staying true to their origins. The next time you’re considering a pizza night, why not check out CiCi’s? There’s a good chance you’ll walk away with a new favorite pizza joint.

In conclusion, CiCi’s Pizza in Australia offers a unique, delicious, and affordable experience for pizza lovers. Their reputation and popularity have grown tremendously due to their focus on customer satisfaction, unique buffet-style service, and an exciting array of flavors. As they continue to make their mark down under, it’s clear that CiCi’s is becoming an essential part of the Aussie pizza scene.

To learn more information about Cici’s Pizza, you can visit their official website.