How much are Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread?

Cici's Pizza menu prices vary by location and are updated frequently.

Feeding your taste buds with the rich, warm, gooey sensation of Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread is a mouthwatering experience no food lover should miss. Wondering how much this deliciousness costs? As of the latest update, a serving of Cici’s cheesy bread costs between $5 and $7, depending on the location. Now, wouldn’t you agree that’s a delectable deal for a piece of cheesy heaven?

Below, you’ll find the current prices for cheesy bread at Georgia Cici’s Pizza.


Desserts & More

Cinnamon Rolls (20)$6.99
Brownies (24)$6.99
Cheesy Bread (16)$6.99
Poppers* (12)$6.99
*Poppers available in Jalapeno or Pepperoni, Includes choice of ranch or marinara

Cici’s Pizza: The Birth of a Pizzaria

Cici’s Pizza carved its humble beginnings into the heart of Plano, Texas, in 1985. Its founder, Joe Croce, envisioned a pizza place that would cater to families looking for a wide variety of pizzas at affordable prices. Beyond the vast array of pizza choices, Cici’s Pizza quickly gained a reputation for its iconic cheesy bread – a menu staple that kept customers coming back for more.

A Sizzling Reputation: The Secret Behind Cici’s Popularity

Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread is far from ordinary. This simple yet scrumptious side dish consists of a soft, airy dough, smothered with a blend of cheese that melts to a perfect golden hue when baked. But what’s the secret that sets it apart from others? It’s the love and consistency put into each preparation. No wonder why it has become a favorite go-to side dish of pizza lovers across the country.

Cici’s Pizza: A Favorite Across the Nation

Cici’s Pizza’s popularity extends beyond its affordable prices and delicious cheesy bread. The restaurant’s buffet-style setup allows customers to sample an array of dishes at their own pace, making it a hit among families and groups. Plus, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Cici’s has blossomed into a nationwide success story.

Cici’s Pizza believes in the importance of community. This means you’re not just walking into a restaurant. Instead, you’re stepping into a haven of good food, great company, and a shared love for pizza.

It’s More than Just a Pizza Place: Cici’s and Its Cheesy Bread

Today, as you step into any of Cici’s Pizza’s 420+ locations across 30 states, you’re greeted by the mouthwatering aroma of pizzas and the sight of golden, cheesy bread fresh out of the oven.

Sure, Cici’s Pizza may have begun with a simple idea – to create a space where families can enjoy great pizza without breaking the bank. But it has evolved into so much more. It’s a testament to the power of good food in bringing people together.

In every bite of Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread, you can taste the years of tradition, passion, and commitment to quality that has made the brand what it is today. This affordable delight continues to capture the hearts of many, one cheesy bite at a time.

Wrapping It Up: The Magic of Cici’s Cheesy Bread

Every slice of Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread carries a bit of magic – the magic of creating happy memories around a table, sharing stories over good food, and savoring every delicious moment. When you factor in the delightfully low cost, it’s clear why this cheesy wonder is a must-try for everyone.

So the next time you’re craving for something rich, warm, and ridiculously good, remember – Cici’s Pizza cheesy bread is just around the corner. It’s more than just a side dish. It’s a slice of happiness waiting for you to take a bite.

To find out more information about Cici’s Pizza, you can visit their official website.